Hidden SolutionsTM is a partnership of tools from the product development world with a cutting edge communication methodology to create a process that maximises the creative potential of every member of the team. We take new understandings from neuroscience about how the brain works and how we communicate, both consciously and unconsciously, discovering what enhances and what detracts from our performance to create the ideal conditions for people to be at their best.

By creating the right environment and mindset, combined with excellent communication our programme helps teams find solutions that at first seemed hidden and evolves your culture of resilience, collaboration and creativity.

Hidden SolutionsTM is delivered by Jon Ben, of ConvergePD Limited and Nick Simmonds of Conscious Communication. We work closely with the client to understand the people and business, drawing upon our wide and complementary experience from the communications and creative world to build a comprehensive, bespoke programme.

We co-deliver our hands-on workshop to groups typically sized from six to 12 people, where we share and practice the process and tools in a very active way.

For more information, visit http://www.hiddensolutions.co.uk.