xtra head controller reflectorThe Firebeam Company produces the Firebeam optical beam smoke detector, the first choice for many of the leading names in the International fire industry and proving a reliable answer to more expensive alternatives in protecting large areas.

The market-proven Firebeam Plus needed to be upgraded to satisfy new standards and to increase performance and value for our customers.

We entrusted the entire project to ConvergePD Limited who found cost-effective ways to significantly and reliably increase optical performance and to meet new EMC regulations and performance requirements.

ConvergePD handled the entire process from assessment, requirements definition, development, verification/validation and approval through to manufacture.

The result is the award-winning Firebeam Xtra, the world’s furthest reaching, reflective beam detector giving customers un-rivalled performance and value.

As a result, Mr. Cliff Key, Managing Director confirmed “we are delighted to continue to work with ConvergePD on our next innovations”.